Zen Meditation on a Chair

Doing a deep meditation with on a chair can be balanced physically and you can regain your own self.


It is very easy...


You can try 

Anytime and Anywhere


1.Select a Chair

The seat should be rather hard.

The chair should be high enough so that your lap becomes horizontal. A height-adjustable one is preferred.

It can have a back but not armrests.


Revolving one or one on casters are not preferred since they are unstable.

2.Create a favorable atmosphere

Before you start, it is important that you create a good environment for Zen Meditation. Isn’t there anything which holds your attention around you? You might need to clear it away.


The easiest way to create a good atmosphere is taking a seat facing a wall. Place your chair at least one meter away from a wall. Create a quiet surrounding turning off the TV or radio. The temperature of the room should not be either too high or too low. Do not get some air by an electric fan. In short, it is better not to excite your five senses.

3.Loosen your body up

Let’s loosen your body up before you take a seat. Shake your shoulders up and down about ten times, swing your arms back and forth five times, and turn your neck around slowly five times. Finally, draw in a short breath and blow out a long breath. Repeat this deep breathing three times. Make sure that your upper body is relaxed so that you can easily keep your right posture for meditation.



If you are ready, follow the procedures one by one.

He will teach you about detailed techniques on chair meditation when you come and see him or you will find it in his book.

"Living a Life as Human"