Enko Sakai is one and only unique buddhist priest from Japan

He has been chosen as one of 100 next-Era Leaders in Asia 2015-2016 by The Japan Times.

He has a dream to found orphanages in developing Asian countries and he has been working so hard to make his dream come true. He would like to tell you about how to have strong mind and be successful no matter what your religion is. There are some techniques on Chair Zazen that you might not have heard of,which you would love to learn. you will be fulfilled with his lecture and talk. Come and join us.


Living a life as human

Even if you are not Buddhist, you might find his book very interesting and useful in your daily life.


Would not you like to make your life much easier?

Zen meditation on a chair?

It is a sort of Zen Meditation which you can try casually anytime and anywhere

You don't want to miss this window of opportunity.                          Enko is coming to you!

Free lecture

6/2/2018 14:00-16:00

at Honolulu Myohoji in Hawaii


Thank you for coming!!!!

Free Lecture

6/7/2018 12:30-13:30

at Makiki Church in Hawaii


6/3/2018 14:45-15:00

6/4/2018 10:45-11:00

6/5/2018 17:10-17:25

at Shirokiya Studio