He was born in 1963 at Aichi Japan.

He started to work as a paper delivery and milk boy to help his family since he was an elementary-school-student.

After working as an office worker for a while, he entered the priesthood following to his maternal grandfather who was a Buddhist priest. At the age of 27, he entered Enryakuji in Mt. Hiei, which is a head temple of Tendai sect after he gave up the rank that he had acquired in the Pure Land sect.


Two years later he completed all the harsh training and entered Myojoin. Finally he assumed the office of the Myojoin temple master when he turned 42 years old.

Priest Enko decided to renovate his temple, so that people can visit him easily and he can successfully alleviate their worries and trouble.

Recently Myojoin has often been covered as a unique and attractive temple by TV and magazines.

You can do a meditation under the waterfall,sutras, and zen meditation at the temple.


At the age of 40, he obtained a qualification of a counselor after completing the mental health and hypnosis management course. At the same time he acquired specialist knowledge and skills in Reiki, Qigong, yoga, meditation and energy work. With these qualifications, skills and knowledge, he has been giving people some ideas how to live or how to think in such a stressful society and encouraging them to create a new path to their future. 

He has started to learn English in anticipation of the overseas presence at the age of 50. This is a new challenge for him.